Is production line maintenance necessary?

With any business or production unit. Production lines play a decisive role in productivity, quality and value, the ability of the business to grow. Building a production line is difficult, but how it works. Production line maintenance becomes more and more essential for every business.

What is production line maintenance?

Overall production line maintenance is: assignment of basic equipment maintenance. Including stages such as checking, cleaning, then lubricating and calibrating the equipment operator.

It is important to remember that the assignment of responsibilities plays an important role. It helps the operator – the workers themselves. Thereby helping them to be more proactive as well as responsible.

In identifying, monitoring and overcoming the cause of the stall. Furthermore, such an assignment also helps with maintenance. With reduced downtime, it does not affect production much.

Why do we need to maintain the production line?

The reason for the maintenance of the production line is because: Production machinery systems can easily fail if they are not maintained periodically. In addition, it can reduce the performance of the chain, reduce the service life of the machinery.


Therefore, each business needs to attach importance to the maintenance and maintenance of production equipment and make it a key task to avoid economic losses, and also reduce time wastage. such as the cost of repairing the machine.

What should be noted in production line maintenance?

To be able to maintain the factory’s production equipment, special attention should be paid to a number of issues such as:

Build goals

The biggest goal of production line maintenance is to keep equipment in good working order at the lowest cost. Maintenance work should ensure specific tasks such as:

– Improved reliability

– Cost optimization

– Safety, environmental protection

– Implementation of social responsibility

To be able to achieve these goals, industrial factories and production units need to choose the correct and appropriate maintenance solution suitable to the business and production conditions of the business.


Type of maintenance for each type of equipment

It can be divided into different groups of equipment to have the most suitable and effective form of production line maintenance such as:

Survival equipment:

Equipment of this type requires condition-based maintenance, i.e. determination of vibration, noise, temperature or the quality of the product produced and periodically maintained.

Equipment is important

Carry out maintenance when the production line shows signs of damage before planning a repair. For the damaged types that do not monitor and monitor the condition, it is necessary to check if there is a chance to stop the machine, also known as opportunistic maintenance.

Auxiliary equipment

For the manufacturing process these devices do not play a very important role. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the form of repair to restore or when the damaged equipment is repaired. In case the damaged equipment will be costly to production, it is necessary to take it into periodic maintenance.

Overhaul of the whole factory

This is the time to maintain, repair and verify backlogs. Usually according to the law. Applies to equipment that are only repaired when the factory has been shut down for several days. Equipment faces high risks affecting the operation of the plant. If you accidentally encounter a fire and explosion, it is necessary to make a plan to stop the machine and repair it in time.


Organizational structure

The organizational structure for maintenance activities also needs to be ensured for better implementation. Basically, the following problems must be met:

  • Department planning
  • Enforcement department

From there build up the process of maintaining production lines and repairing. Includes production line maintenance implementation steps. Implementing person, reporting results, statistician, supervisor,

Who maintains a reputable production line?

OHC GLOBAL provides production line maintenance services. Industrial chain repair. When in need, please contact us for specific advice and more detailed information.

With many years of experience in the field of construction and installation. Along with a team of engineers, technical staff, dynamic, creative, highly skilled workers with many years of experience. OHC GLOBAL provides technical services, maintenance and repair of production lines in the factory.

Thanks to experience in construction, installation, commissioning of production lines. Along with modern machinery. OHC GLOBAL has maintained many plant lines over the years. With the goal of ensuring stable production, increasing productivity and ensuring economic prices.

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