In today’s era, time, cost, and labor are always the top concerns for businesses. In addition to that, maintenance, machine care, factory cleaning, and office supplies, beverages, etc., serving the operations of factories and companies, are also issues of great concern. However, not every business can handle everything because production must always be a top priority. Therefore, businesses always want to find a reliable partner to help them address external issues related to production.

Understanding this and to meet the needs of our valued customers, OHC Global – a Global Home and Office Care Joint Stock Company was established in 2020. We operate as a consulting and solutions provider for companies, businesses, and manufacturing plants across Vietnam.

The services and solutions we currently offer include:

  • Air conditioning system installation and cleaning services.
  • Maintenance and installation services for industrial refrigeration systems – Chiller.
  • Service providing 19L drinking water bottles and water heaters for businesses.
  • Rental, maintenance and cleaning services for R.O and Cooler drinking water purifiers.
  • Design and processing of industrial machine components – CNC.
  • Installation and maintenance of industrial machines.
  • Providing stationery and repairing office machines.
  • Electricity, water and general maintenance services for offices and factories.
  • Construction and installation of prefabricated factories and offices.


We strive to become one of the top 10 service and solutions providers for businesses in the Vietnamese market by 2026.


We continuously strive to provide perfect services and solutions to our customers.


We commit to delivering services according to Vietnamese and International standards, with good quality, reasonable prices, and maximum convenience to our customers.