Factory maintenance process

Workshop maintenance to ensure the life span for each project, ensuring production needs. Construction works should be periodically inspected. From there it is possible to detect damaged parts or parts. In order to repair and fix in time to ensure the longevity of the project. The following article builds Bao Tin to help you understand the correct factory maintenance process.

What does factory maintenance include?

OHC GLOBAL provides a full package of factory machinery maintenance services with items such as: Weekly maintenance and maintenance of electromechanical equipment such as fans, pumps, motors or motors, … Maintenance of wastewater and rainwater drainage systems. Periodically from 3 to 6 months includes: gutters, gutters, manholes, water trenches, collection funnels, … Check electrical systems or electrical leaks. Periodically from 3 to 6 months, including: phase difference, electrical cabinets, alarm cabinets, impedance, … General inspection of the project. Every 12 months with activities such as floor permeation, cracked walls, walls, columns, momentum, settlement column, layer structure deflection, electrical connection, ..

What is routine factory maintenance?

Ensuring the longevity of the project also means ensuring the use and production needs of the investor. Construction works also need to be guaranteed and periodically inspected, .. Ensuring the longevity of the project also helps to ensure the demand for use as well as the production needs of the investor. Construction works should be periodically inspected. In order to detect broken parts and details so that they can be promptly repaired and repaired to ensure the longevity of the work.


For industrial buildings, if using pre-engineered steel structures, it is quite popular. Steel structure also has many advantages such as: fast execution and large aperture. However, the associated details such as bolts, screws, and corrugated iron covering the wall are prone to rust. Without proper maintenance, the cost of future repairs will be very large, more serious can disrupt the production process, so it needs periodic maintenance.

Factory maintenance process

To perform the maintenance of factory machines, it is necessary to perform the main stages such as: Survey and check to evaluate the quality as well as the current status of the project From there there are data to plan for repair of possible damage Next, plan a periodic test Factory machinery maintenance Repairing periodically and unexpectedly for the project Establish and manage the maintenance records of the works.

The benefits of factory maintenance

Talking about the factory of each enterprise can be seen that: factory is not only an asset but nine is the means of production. The implementation of steel structure maintenance can bring many benefits to businesses such as: – Helps the factory to operate normally, safely during use. Help manufacturers can feel more secure in work. Thereby improving production, profitability and work efficiency.

Factory lighting system maintenance

– Moreover, the maintenance of production also helps the factory work to reduce repair costs. Increasing life and reducing energy consumption at the same time.

Factory machinery maintenance items

OHC GLOBAL specializes in factory machinery maintenance with specific items such as:

  • Central air conditioning system maintenance
  • Electrical system maintenance
  • Maintenance of the ventilation system
  • Maintenance of fire protection system
  • Factory system maintenance
  • Maintenance of other auxiliary systems                                                                                                             


Which unit maintains reputable factory machinery?

  • OHC GLOBAL provides maintenance services for factory machines, repairing industrial lines. When in need, please contact us for specific advice and more detailed information.
  • With many years of experience in the field of construction and installation together with a team of dynamic and creative engineers, technical staff, highly skilled workers, many years of experience, Bao Tin Construction provides technical services, maintenance and repair of production lines in industrial factories.
  • Thanks to experience in construction, installation, commissioning of production lines, along with modern machinery, Bao Tin has maintained many plant lines over the years, ensuring stable production purposes. increase productivity and ensure the right price.

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