Factory repair service


When the factory has deteriorated, the factory renovation is a very necessary job to maintain the operation of the factory. Factory is the gathering place for human resources, equipment and materials for the production, preservation and transportation of goods of the enterprise. It can be said that the factory is an indispensable part of the business. Factories are often built and operated with the establishment of businesses, so the factory repair, maintenance and maintenance of electric and water equipment is extremely important work. Especially for large-scale manufacturing enterprises that often operate continuously, so factory repair and maintenance requires a higher level of frequency. Maintenance and repair work will help businesses avoid problems and risks to save costs. The workshops are often operated regularly for a long time, so there are always problems affecting the production of the business.

Problems that need factory repair:

– Electricity and water: the electricity and water system is very important for the factory, this is a key factor for production activities, so it needs regular maintenance.

– Roofing tole used for a long time will be damaged, so when repairing the factory, this is the item that needs repairing or replacing. Because tole roofs are often affected by weather factors, there are some problems such as warping, distortion, perforation …

– The factories when being built are not of sufficient quality, or with a long period of time without maintenance, often appear seepage, leaks, which greatly affects production activities in the rainy season.

Our workshop repair service:

– Moving production equipment

– Repair and maintenance of machines, production lines.

– Layout of warehouse, walkway in workshop, factory – Repair of epoxy rock.

– Repair of roofing factories, raising roofs

– Paving brick background, lifting background.

– Repair of electric lines, power lines.

– Repair water pipes, manholes.

– Reworked iron door, rolling door, iron fence.

– Building walls, pouring concrete.

– Build more rooms, fix rooms, upgrade rooms.

– Fix plaster ceiling, close plaster ceiling

– Re-paint the wall, put on a mat, apply lime.

– Wall waterproofing, ceiling waterproofing.

– Fix the glass door, close the glass.

– Fixing furniture, fixing door latches, locks, fixing the desk.

– Fix the kitchen, cafeteria.

– Fix the toilet …

Why choose our factory repair service:


– Come right when you need it. Work all day of the week, even at night when you work overtime.

– No holidays, Tet holidays (including traditional traditional Tet) if the investor requests urgently on the progress and quality of the project.

– When you have a problem no matter how big or small we have it. Quick fix, quick fix: – With a team of experienced engineers, with hundreds of skilled workers to ensure quick repair, urgent repair for customers.


+ We always come in between progress is the quality to ensure the peace of mind for our customers.

+ As a unit operating for a long time, we have carried out maintenance and construction of factories for hundreds of customers in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.

+ We will receive money when we are satisfied when customers are satisfied.

Good price: + We are confident to be the unit with the lowest cost in the market due to: – Some materials are manufactured by us, or take the original so the price is the cheapest. – A team of skilled workers, dedicated, diligent, diligent, so the construction progress is fast. – Materials are strictly managed by relatives, so there is no loss incident. – Get a profit, low profit To reduce costs, businesses should repair factories, maintain and maintain them well.

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