Factory maintenance

Professional factory maintenance should be done periodically to immediately detect degradation, damage affecting production and business activities.


Workshop maintenance is a job that needs to be done regularly, preferably a periodic inspection and repair plan to quickly detect breakdowns. This is a solution to maintain usability, prolong the life of the factory to help business owners save costs.

The role of routine factory maintenance?

Factory is an area where many equipment and machines are concentrated, always operating regularly, so it is necessary to spend time and money to maintain and repair malfunctions, and improve the space in accordance with use. This is the solution to increase longevity as well as ensure safety during use.

According to statistics, the factory can only be used for a certain time, about 3-5 years is the longest. After that, the factory will begin to degrade, unable to meet the needs of businesses. Therefore, we need periodic factory maintenance service.

Practical benefits of routine factory maintenance

§ Maintain a safe production and working space for the staff at the factory.

§ Maintain machinery and equipment in good working order, increase longevity.

§ Minimize the risks caused by deterioration of the factory.

§ Improving the morale of workers, thereby increasing productivity.

§ Factory maintenance helps your business save a large amount of money compared to new construction.

§ The clean and beautiful factory creates a prestigious and professional business image in the eyes of partners and customers.

Factory maintenance is an indispensable step in the production process. If you discover unusual failures or malfunctions, please immediately contact a professional handling unit for the best support.

Comprehensive and highly effective factory maintenance solution

With 10 years of experience in the construction field, HTP factory maintenance services are always ready to bring the optimal solution for your business. Experienced team of workers and engineers is always dedicated to the maintenance and renovation of factories professionally, meeting international standards.

Our company provides full or partial factory maintenance services for the works:

♦ Maintenance and maintenance of electromechanical equipment such as motors, fans, pumps, motors, …

♦ Overall inspection of the project and repair of incidents such as wall penetration, wall cracking, ground settlement, workshop pillar momentum, …

♦ Maintain the rainwater and wastewater drainage system every 3-6 months: gutters, gutter pipes, gutter, manholes, collection funnels, …

♦ Check electrical system, electric leakage every 3-6 months: electrical cabinet, phase difference, impedance, alarm cabinet, …

The company’s 6-step workflow for the need to handle items that need repair and renovation in the factory is as follows:

1. Receive customer requests for information about construction items.
2. Practical survey and advice on the most suitable saving plan for customers
3. Submit quotes and construction plans
4. Signing a service contract
5. Proceed with factory maintenance.
6. Handing over and taking over with customers.
Please contact HTP team to help you maintain your factory in accordance with international standards, maintain a safe, long-lasting production space!

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